GLAMOREYES     Easy Travel Packet

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Prod. Code: 100009


Our handy travel packet contains 20 custom shaped mascara masks, ready to use and easily accessible. 

They are hypoallergenically safe, contain no harmful chemicals, and are disposable.   


This packet even helps professional makeup artists do a first class mascara application.


Suggested uses:

1. Shape your brow

2. Shape your lips

3. Use as a guide for eye shadow

4. The larger straight edge can be used to apply adhesive for false eyelashes

5. Keep nail polish in place; avoid polish on the skin

6. Use as a guide for costume or stage makeup

7. Use as a disposable palette for mixing colors; media won't bleed through

8. No mascara around the eyes

9. Precise glitter application

10. Perfect "smoky eyes" look, guide for liner application

11. Use to shield natural brow when removing hair electronically

12. Use as a shield for "cat eye" application


This product is ideal for all women who want flawless results. It is designed for the beginner as well as the seasoned pro. All who use Glamoreyes will be amazed as to how it will save you time and allow you to achieve the look you desire.